LoggerMan is a tool that helps lifeloggers and researchers to capture many aspects of their computer usage, export them and get insights.

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LoggerMan will ensure that a screenshot of your current active window is always taken and stored for you. You have the choice to select one of the shooting intervals (every 5, 10, 30 sec..) or the Smart Shooting option. Smart Shooting takes a screenshot:

  • After every window transition (from app to app or even different windows in the same app).
  • After the current window has not been switched for 1 Min (to capture what is going on there).


Firefox,Lifelog - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, 2015_06_15_18_11_19_291365027.jpg, 1434388279291


app name, window’s title, image name, unix_timestamp_in_miliseconds


Every word you type (except in password fields) is stored locally for you by LoggerMan.




word, unix_timestamp_in_miliseconds


Loggerman can trace all your mouse’s actions.




cursor.x, cursor.y, type {0,1,2,3}, numberOfClicks_or_scroll_delta, unix_timestamp_in_miliseconds


  • Move: 0
  • Right_Down, Left_Down: 1
  • Right_Up, Left_Up: 2
  • Scroll: 3
  • Drag_Drop: 4


This module is responsible for tracking copy-paste operations. Any text you copy to the clipboard is captured and logged for you.




The file name that contains the copied text, unix_timestamp_in_miliseconds.


This module is designed to track apps transitions. It only logs the current app (regardless of the window). It fires an event every time the current active app changes. This module is an alternative to the Screenshots module in sense of tracking the current app. However, Screenshots module gives more detailed info about the current active window and its title associated with each screenshot.


Google Chrome,1433707359482


app name, unix_timestamp_in_miliseconds.


In addition to the previous Keyboard module that captures words you type, LoggerMan gives you the option to capture timestamps of pressing keyboards’ buttons as well. This is particularly useful for researchers interested in Keystrokes Dynamics.




key (Mac Virtual Button Standard) , unix_timestamp_in_miliseconds.


The current version of LoggerMan comes with a local reporting tool. Currently the reporting tool shows statistics from data captured by only Keyboard,ScreenShot & Mouse modules (so make sure to enable these modules to get the best of it). Other modules capture the data and store them in CSV files ready to be prased and used later on. We are improving our reporting tool to cover the other modules.

Mouse/Keyboard Usage (statistical information about input devices usage):

App Clouds (based on data from screenshots module):

Word Clouds (words you typed, logged by Keyboard module):

Keyboard Heatmap (based on data from keystrokes module)


Install (Mac OSX 10.7 or later):

  1. Unzip the downloaded zip file.
  2. Double click on the LoggerMan icon.
  3. You may see a warning message saying that you’re installing a software coming from outside the official App Store. In this case:
    1. Click on the app icon with the right mouse button.
    2. Select open command.
    3. Press open, when a similar window appears:
  4. After that, you will see the app red icon shown in the menu bar (close to the clock).
  5. If you want to use either the “Keyboard” or “Keystrokes” modules, you need first to tell the mac to give LoggerMan the needed permission to capture keystrokes by going to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy (Tab) -> Accessibility and tick the “LoggerMan ”checkbox as below:
  6. After the previous step, quit and restart LoggerMan.


  • First, click on “Remove from startup”.
  • Second, Just Quit it.
  • Your logged data at “Documents/LoggerMan” won’t be deleted.


  • You can turn on/off any modules to customize the app according to your need.
  • Each module stores its data in its own folder with a CSV file that contains extra meta data.
  • CSV files for all modules are named as 0.txt, 1.txt, 2.txt,... each of 20 MB size.
  • Mac OSX prevents logging any data typed in secured field (password fields) so don’t worry about your passwords.
  • Logged data are completely yours and only stored on your local machine.
  • Logs files may contain session headers like “2015-05-09 03:33:30 a.m.” which refers to a new session, just in case you are planning to parse the data and use it by yourself.
  • LoggerMan adds itself to the startup automatically so It will run automatically with every system reboot.

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This project has been funded by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI): SFI/12/RC/2289

Zaher Hinbarji, Rami Albatal and Cathal Gurrin

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